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The Parents' Page

Whether you're rousting a teenager out of bed for early morning practice, driving a boatload home from the Boathouse, washing tons of smelly socks, or nursing sore knees and blisters, being a crew parent can be a trying experience.  It's also a uniquely rewarding one, when we see our sons and daughters gliding by in a sleek racing shell, and watch them grow in strength, endurance and character. 

Since this website's been prepared by crew parents, there are a lot of pages here to help you understand, enjoy and participate in crew.  If you're a parent of a new member of TC Crew, welcome aboard!  If you've been around for a while, let us know what other information we should be providing.

First of all, join Crew Boosters.  This is the organization that supports the team and the program, that provides the funding and people power to make it all work.  Participating in Crew Boosters-sponsored activities is also great way to get to know other parents, share information, and learn more about crew.

Read the Handbook for Crew Parents.  You can read the on-line edition here.

Rowing has a language all its own.  To help you decipher some of the lingo, here's a page devoted to rowing terminology

Crew is a weekend sport.  Every week during the season, TC Crew is off to a regatta, from our home waters in Alexandria to as far away as Ontario.  We've provided a schedule, driving directions, and time-tested regatta tips.